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Bagaces, Guanacaste Lote En Venta

Guanacaste Province, Bagaces, Costa Rica



Descripción de propiedad

This property is located in Agua Caliente of Bagaces, 30 minutes south of the city of Liberia and 10 minutes from the town of Bagaces. Bagaces is popular for its livestock, agricultural activity, and its tourist attractions. In the Southeast direction is the town of Fortuna de Bagaces, approximately 45 minutes away from Agua Caliente; Fortuna de Bagaces has endless recreational activities such as hot springs, rivers, and nature walks.

To the southwest of the town of Bagaces is Agua Caliente, this place is known for being a countryside area surrounded by nature with a rural community where farms are predominant in the area and are mostly dedicated to livestock, rice production, and pasture. Its warm and hot climate in winter and summer is characteristic of this area given its extension of flora and little urban development. The property has a front of approximately 73.11 meters, a length of 197 meters at one end, and 254 meters on the opposite side, characterized as a large land for a total measure of 24,220 m2. The property is crossed by the river Bagaces a resource of surplus value ultimately for the property. This extensive property is located on a public street, just 5 minutes west of downtown of Agua Caliente.

Agente de contacto

Arturo Rodriguez

+506 83331752

Detalles de la propiedad

Tipo de propiedad




Ubicación de la propiedad

Guanacaste Province, Bagaces, Costa Rica

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