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Santa Cruz Finca En Venta

Guanacaste Province, Cartagena, Costa Rica



Descripción de propiedad

Guanacaste, Santa Cruz is known for its agricultural activities it is known because of the many farms in the region that grow a variety of crops. This 399-hectare farm has fertile soil and a favorable climate that make it suitable for agriculture. Some common crops in Guanacaste include sugar cane, rice, melons, and tropical fruits.

In addition to traditional agriculture, there has been a growing interest in ecological and sustainable farming practices in the region. Some farms may focus on organic farming, agro-tourism, or other sustainable agricultural methods.

This extensive farm is also suitable for cattle fattening and is currently being used for this purpose.

The farm has two deep wells, one of 42 meters and an artesian well of 9 meters, it is also possible to exploit raw materials such as stone, gravel, earth, and sand. There is an electric light service in front of the property with solar panels added, it also has 5 kilometers in front of the public road.

The existence of improved pastures such as anglenton are characteristic of this farm, internal roads overlooking the valley, two wooden corrals, and the sighting of birds especially the Galan Sin Ventura one of the most exotic birds in Costa Rica.

Agente de contacto

Arturo Rodriguez

+506 83331752

Detalles de la propiedad

Tipo de propiedad



399 Hts

Ubicación de la propiedad

Guanacaste Province, Cartagena, Costa Rica

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