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About Us

Montecosta Real Estate was founded in 2019 in Liberia-Guanacaste by Arturo Rodriguez a young entrepreneur with a visionary idea, who decided to formalize the business given the potential offered by the market. He began participating in a series of connections around many parts of the region, establishing business relationships with investors and local owners to offer a personalized and reliable local service.

Modestly working with local families to buy and sell properties. As the demand for Costa Rican real estate grew among international buyers, an opportunity to bridge cultural gaps and create a harmonious balance between locals and newcomers. It was about curating experiences and helping clients discover the magic of Costa Rica.

Currently, the office is listing properties in Guanacaste, including a diverse and wide portfolio from lots to farms, apartments, or houses.

About Montecosta, we can say that it is the agency that can help you find the property you are looking for!



At Montecosta Real Estate, our mission is to be the trusted partner for individuals and families seeking their ideal property in the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica, Guanacaste. We are committed to delivering personalized and transparent real estate solutions that exceed expectations. With a focus on integrity, local expertise, and client satisfaction, we strive to turn dreams of home ownership and investment success into reality, contributing to the growth and prosperity of both our clients and the communities we serve.



To be the forefront of innovation and excellence in the Costa Rica real estate market. We aspire to create a lasting impact by reshaping the real estate experience, setting new industry standards for integrity, professionalism, and client-centric service. Through community local engagement, and a deep understanding of the unique opportunities in Costa Rica, we envision empowering our clients to make informed decisions and achieve their real estate goals. Together, we aim to build a future where every property transaction is a seamless and rewarding journey, contributing to the beauty and prosperity of Costa Rica.



Our Values


  • Upholding honesty and transparency in all transactions.

  • Building trust through ethical practices and accountability.

Client-Centric Approach

  • Prioritizing the needs and goals of clients above all else.

  • Providing exceptional customer service and personalized attention.


  • Continuously expanding knowledge of the local real estate market.

  • Commitment to staying informed about industry trends and regulations.

Community Engagement

  • Actively participating in and giving back to local communities.

  • Building relationships with stakeholders to foster a sense of community.

  • Open and clear communication with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.


  • Embracing technology and innovative solutions to enhance services.

  • Constantly seeking new ways to improve the real estate experience for clients.


  • Fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment.

  • Recognizing and valuing the contributions of every team member.


  • Embracing change and staying flexible in response to market dynamics.

  • Proactively adjusting strategies to meet evolving client needs.


  • Taking responsibility for the environmental and social impact of real estate activities.

  • Complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

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